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SPD80, 65(60) series surge protector

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XZ-SPD80 , 65 ( 60 ) series surge protector is suitable for low-voltage ACpower distribution 50 / 60HZ , 230 / 400V and below IT , TT , TN-C , TN-S , TN-C-Sand other power supply systems can be connected in parallel on the powerline for equal potential when lightning strikes . Mainly used to protect lowvoltage customer electrical installations from surges caused by atmosphericdischarge ( e.g. to indirect lightning ) or other operating instantaneousovervoltages . As a single voltage limiting device . Products in line with GB18802 . 1 . GB50057 and IEC / EN61643-11 standards.

The SPD has a built-in disconnector . When the SPD fails due to overheating orbreakdown , the disconnector can automatically disconnect it from the powergrid and give an indication signal . The visual window displays green whenSPD is working normally , and red when it disengages.

The protection device shall be installed at the end of the upline ( immediatelyconnected to the downline of the pull-in wire ) required to protect thecustomers equipment , connecting the outer lead ( L ) or neutral lead ( N ) to thegrounding device of the customers equipment . It is installed at the junction ofPZOB / LPZ1 and LPZ2 with 35mm standard guide rail and 2 . 5-35mm coppermulti-stranded wire.

Each front pole of SPD surge protector must be connected in series withXZSCB series surge backup protector or fuse.

Usually installed in the line of low voltage main distribution cabinet , used forthe protection of the secondary power supply equipment , used in the floor ofvulnerable to lightning distribution cabinets , elevator , fire control , networkequipment , such as in the center of the civil building distribution bocomputer , telecom equipment room , elevator , fire control center control roomcable TV room , villa , village resident distribution box , etc

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