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Miniature Circuit Breaker

solar pv mcb miniature circuit breaker

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L7-63 product is suitable for sea dials altitude 2000 meters and below above 2000 meters need to drop the easy to use and other special requi-rements please and contact the manufacturer: ambient air temperature 25 degrees to 40 degrees, 24 hours average temperature does not exceed 35 degrees; when the ambient air temperature of more than 40 degrees or below-25 degrees, please contact the manufacturer; can withstand humid air, salt fog and mold affect three defenses( Type).

Apply to the unipolar volume constant DC voltage does not exceed 250VDC. Diode does not exceed 500VDC triode does not exceed 800VDC and a quadrupole does not exceed 1000VDC 1200VDC, rated current 1-63A, rated insulation 500v voltage line, used on buildings and similar places the line facilities of over current protection, can also be used in less frequent break operation. The circuit breaker has small volume, breaking capacity, arcing distance is short, fast closing and installation is convenient wait for a characteristic. This product applicable to non professionals use and do not need to maintain. L7-63 series DC circuit breaker above DC800V products with internal edge connection mode, so that the same user connection mode and 2p products, more convenient for users to install.

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Whatsapp & Wechat: +8613868719385

Phone: +8613868719385

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