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Motor Protector

DZM0(PKZM0) Motor protection circuit breaker

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DZM0(PKZM0) Motor Protective Circuit Breaker is applicable for the circuit of AC 50/60Hz, rated insulation voltage 750V, reted operating voltage up to 660V, rated operating current from 0.1A to 25A. lt is used for protecting the motor against overload,short-circuit and phase-failure,lt can be also used for starting and breaking the stater of motor and for the circuit protection in the circuit of 25A.

·Compact design ·Screw or DIN rail mounting

·Standard breaking capacity

·Thermal and electromagnetic trip

·Rated operational current up to 25A

·Switching capacity 150/50KA/145V

·Short-circuit release, fixed setting to 14X lu

·Single-phasing sensitive

·With screws or spring loaded terminals

·Comply with IEC/EN6.0947


External fixing dimension


Whatsapp & Wechat: +8613868719385

Phone: +8613868719385

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