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Residual Current Circuit Breaker 2 Pole 4 Pole Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

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Residual current circuit breaker devices provide the function of isolation switching and earth larkage protection of electrical circuits.they open a circuit automatically in the event of an earth fault between phase and earth and /or netural and earth.  A wide rang of current ratings and sensitivities are acailable. suitable for domestic. commercial and industrial applications.

It has the following features:

In complicance with IEC/EN61008-1
Bilateral busbar wiring capabilities to adapt to the wider use of premises.

With functions of fault indicator.

Maximum connecting ability of 35mm2, wiring torque 3.5N *m, applicable to a variety of installing equipments, wiring stronger.


Whatsapp & Wechat: +8613868719385

Phone: +8613868719385

Tel: +86 577 27880251

Email: info@cyawit.com

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