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Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

CYM1E Series Moulded-case Circuit Breaker of Intelligent Electronic Adjustable Type

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CYM1E senes of circuit breakers are new upgradedcircuit breakers researched and developed by the company combined with theadvantages of similar intemational products and demand of domestic and internationalmarketsWith insulation voltage up to 1000V , the circuit breaker is applicable for distributionsystems of AC50HZ , rated working voltage 690V and rated working current from 10A to800A , used to distribute electric power energy , protect circuits and power equipmentagainst overload , short circuit , undervoltage and so on also can be used for infrequentstartup of motor and protect it from overload , short circuit or undervoltage .It is featured with small size , high breaking . short flashover , etc . is the ideal product forusers . It can be vertically installed or horizontally installed.

Ambient and installation conditions

Altitude up to 2000m:
Ambient medium temperature should be within-5c to +40c +45 C for marineproducts:
It can withstand the effect of damp air,
It can withstand the effect of moulds
It can withstand the effect of nuclear rodiation
The max inclination is 22.5C It still can work reliably when the ship subjects to normal vibration
It can still work reliably if the product subjects to the earthquake 4g)
Places where the surrounding medium is free from explosion danger, and far away
from gas or conductive dust that would erode the metal or destroy the insulation.
Keep away from rain or snow.

Technical Specification


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