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New energy circuit breaker

PV DC molded case circuit breaker

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CYM7DC new energy photovoltaic DC molded case circuit breaker is a distribution network with rated insulation voltage of 1800V, rated voltage of DC1000V, DC1500V and rated current of 630A. Under normal conditions, the circuit breaker can be used for infrequent switching of lines and infrequent starting of motors. Overload and short circuit of protection circuit; Protection function for overvoltage and undervoltage of the line

work environment

Operating at ambient temperature of – 40 ℃~+70 ℃, without derating at+50 ℃, applicable to high altitude of 5000m.

Product function

(1) Bipolar shape, small volume, high performance

(2) High voltage, high breaking plastic case circuit breaker: DC1000V, DC1500V (Ics=40kA)

(3) Meet the single-pole DC1500V Ics=10kA breaking capacity: provide reliable protection when the system is grounded for the second time

(4) High mechanical life (10000) and electrical life (2000)

(5) Zero flashover: equipped with arc suppression hood and three-layer free metal baffle to avoid secondary system failure caused by arc spraying during breaking

(6) Super current limiting capacity

(6) Super strong insulation performance, electrical clearance and creepage distance comply with UL489 standard

(7) Non-polarity: current reversal and reverse incoming line are reliably protected

(8) It has the ability to prevent damp heat, salt fog and mold

Technical parameter


Whatsapp & Wechat: +8613868719385

Phone: +8613868719385

Tel: +86 577 27880251

Email: info@cyawit.com

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